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The Fear

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Poems, Thoughts, Uncategorized

Sitting here in these familiar surroundings

Darkness lurking anywhere, everywhere

How I wish it was elsewhere

Instead of here

Taking over

Taking over my body

My soul

My conscience

My whole existence

Habituating every sinew and strand

Of my very substance

Invading, pillaging, raping

Intolerable, impossible

Cannot be evaded

Manifesting the fear

The fear of the future, the present, the past

The here, the now, the gone before

The fear of what maybe, what has been, what will never be

Fear of dark, of light, of twilight, dusk and dawn

Fear of hoards, fear of singleness, fear of being alive

Sat here alone, the fear of being alone

And as the fear takes over

Knowing not what to do

How to escape, avoid, elude, the fear

But the fear remains

Lurking in the murky corners of my mind

The fear must be beaten, punished, pulverised and overcome

Destroyed, slaughtered, nullified, impaired

Once and forever

Never to return, to recur, to retaliate

To encroach upon my intellectual sensibility


But goes away, distant, afar, never to return and retaliate

Never to converge in my mind, my soul, my very materiality

No more war, no more fighting, no more frightened

Of the fear