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Posted: March 28, 2014 in Poems


 To regret nothing is to live!

Why regret anything?

What is the point of regret?

That, that is gone and in the past

It cannot be reclaimed

Those moments are but distant memories in your mind

Yet they haunt you still

As if they were occurring right now

You wish to change the course of time

To stop them churning around in your mind

But what has been and gone cannot be changed

Only the now in which we live can be changed

But by dwelling on regrets

By enabling them to take over your life

You let those regrets control you

So learn from them

But let go of them

And begin to live your life anew

With no regrets

My Eyes

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Poems

My Eyes.

My Eyes

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Poems

My eyes do not see you as you see me

I do not see the emotion and fire behind your gaze

Nor the hopes and heartache that your eyes must conceal

The fears for the future the anguish of the past are all lost to me

I only see your eyes as they are

Two round objects in a face full of features

A nose, two ears, a mouth full of teeth

They are all the same to me

When I try to read the stories behind them

And what stories they must tell

But I cannot know them

For to know them I must be able to read them

And that I cannot do

So all I can do is to sit here and imagine

Imagine what sights those eyes have seen

The places they have been

The memories they hold

But as I do that

I wonder if you can read my eyes

And tell me the stories they hold

Can you read me in ways I cannot read you

Can you open the pages that my eyes hold behind them

Can you see the fields, the mountains, the lakes, the skies that I have seen

Just by looking at my eyes

If you can then you are a lucky man

And you are truly gifted

At least in my eyes


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The greed of man in all its various forms will be the downfall of man. We are already far too greedy and this is getting worse. Can we change our ways before it is too late?